An Exhibition on Artistic Tapestry at Milan’s Triennale

September 6, 2017

The Fondazione Massimo e Sonia Cirulli participates in the exhibition Arazzi e tappeti di artisti e manifatture italiane del Novecento, lending a selection of tapestries by Fortunato Depero.

The exhibition, organized by the Moshe Tabibnia Gallery at Milan’s Triennale, is an opportunity to observe together an impressive array of tapestries and carpets made by some of the most important futurist artists, as well as important textile creations prepared for the Biennial expos in Monza and the Triennials in Milan.

The exhibition draws an accurate profile of the history of textile art during the twentieth century: the textile industry played a significant role throughout the century and its culture, delivering precious examples of high quality products, on both technical and artistic levels, often able to compete with the so-called fine arts, first of all painting.

12 September - 8 October 2017
Arazzi e tappeti di artisti e manifatture italiane del Novecento
Triennale di Milano